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The one without the finished Mariposa

Monday, August 08, 2005
Can you tell that I've been watching re-runs of Friends recently?

I've been really ill lately, so Mariposa isn't quite finished. And I'm not too sure about it either.... Well, I'll do the straps and see what I feel about it then.

I'm a pattern tester:

I signed up to Stefanie Japel's test lab, not expecting anything really. She sent out an appeal to test one of her "Pennywise" projects, which I duly signed up for and was accepted. Yay! I worked up a scarf in Gedifra's "Dandy" and OzYarn sock wool (both discontinued).

I see it more like jewellery than anything to keep me warm!

Six Soxs KAL:

So, what did I say in my last post about my wishes for the next sock?

I'm now just waiting for the next 6 Sox pattern to come on the 1st of August and see if I like that any better (I'm hoping for a simple k/p pattern or lace).

And what did I get? A really nice knit/purl patterned sock.

WooHoo! (Amy dances around room. She looks up and realises that the neighbours are looking at her funny. She sits down and pretends that nothing happened.)
I'm doing these for my mum in Regia Silk in what is endearingly called "Sand" - much better than beige. I promised her that I'd randomly present her with socks throughout the year because getting seventeen pairs of socks for Christmas ain't fun!


I've been reading with interest Annie Modesitt's comments about criticism and critique. I do reviews of the magazines I get (when I can be bothered) from a personal stand point. For example, I don't like fun fur ponchos or teeny-tiny cropped tops or knitted trousers or crocheted bikinis. And I'll say so. However, where there is a design that it not quite me, I try to explain what I don't like and how I would change it to suit me. I hope I have never/will never descend into personal attacks on the designers themselves. After all, these designs did make it into the magazine, so someone must like them! I've decided that, unless paid vast amounts of money or subjected to flattery, I'll only say what I do like. I don't really "do" negativity in my real life, so it wont start in my virtual life either.

New stuff:

I've added a search tool to my side bar. I've also included one on my homepage, to make it easier to find the projects I've finished. Please bear in mind that if you choose to search "the web" I'm not responsible for what comes up, so be careful!

How cool is this?

Brought to you be the same people who give you knitty.com. I submitted a design to this book (which wasn't accepted) but I've still been looking forward to it for a while now. It's out in April, but you can pre-order it now.

Oh, yes and I :cough, cough: accidentally bought some of this from here. Well, it was in the sale, I had a voucher and there was free P&P. And it will become Tempting. Approprate, really!

Next time:

Hopefully my health will have picked up enough to be able to finish Mariposa and have some real progress to show on my Sockapal2za socks.
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