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Fix fix fix-along

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
In today's blog entry: Orangeena*, sock heels and a secret...

In one on those strange twists of fate, just as I finished winding that orange boucle merino yarn into balls, along comes Alison with a February Fix-along! The idea is to grab that knitwear lying at the bottom of the wardrobe and fix it - rip it out, re-do the seams, do whatever is necessary to make it wearable. For me, and Orangeena, that meant getting rid of the cabled fronts and re-making her as a jumper.

Orangeena computer knitting

Socks are supposed to be quick, easy and portable. Not if I'm doing them, they're not! Three times I had to do that bl**dy heel. First time: I thought I'd done the heel too soon, so out it came and I added a few more rows. Second time: the foot was still too short! Third time: finally got it right. And here it is (taken without flash, indoors, by a window, with cloudy weather outside):

Fluted Banister progress - garter stitch short row heel

That's my first short row heel, that is. I'm quite proud of it too.

Oh, and I have a secret pal - hello secret pal! I love this bit - the anticipation is brilliant!

Oh, number two: I've finally got my grubby little hands on a copy of Vogue Knitting Winter 04/05. According to my newsagent, there has been a distribution problem with a certain large newsagents. WHo - possibly SMITH?

*Orangeena didn't have a name until this blog came into being. She just had a number. Wendy yarns don't do names. I do.
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