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Suffering for my art

Saturday, March 25, 2006
This was the weather yesterday when I was doing the "photoshoot" for the snaffoed Magknits pattern:

weather 24-03-06

Unfortunately, I can't show you what I was suffering for, but I can show you this:

This is my "Zoolander" pose.

Also spotted in my garden was this:

mystery object

You mean you can't see anything? How about this then:

mystery object circled

No? Still can't see it? Neither can I - and I was there! Trust me when I say that it's a Sparrowhawk.

My Friday Night:


Repairing my dad's jumper. Well, fixing a hole in the seam that wouldn't have been there if I'd done a decent job of seaming it in the first place.

While I had my hands on it, I shaved the jumper:

Simply Lovely Lace Socks:

Or SLLS as they shall hence forth be know. Remember - I'm energy-frugal!

I finally got the chance to try them on my mum. THEY DON'T FIT HER!!! So, I will now have another pair of socks. Depending on what the new SixSox KAL sock is, my mum's next pair will be those, or my own pattern that I'm working on.

I managed to do half the heel flap, turn the heel and start on the gusset in an hour and a half, thanks to the audio book of the Da Vinci Code. I'm liking it so far, but you can really tell it's been written by a man. He includes a ton of really fine, technical detail about cars and radio equipment, and he doesn't seem to be able to integrate facts into the plot very well. Having said that, I'd only planned on listening for a couple of chapters but I ended up listening to about 5!

Well, I'm off to re-learn everthing I'd tried to forget about HIV after last year's course.


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  • I know the problem :-). Did you know that Guernsey is one of the few places in the world where you can have fog, heavy rain and gales force winds at the same time! Needles to say the photo shoot has been posponed. Shame about your mum's socks, looking forward to seeing your own design though.
    Good luck with the studying

    By Anonymous janine, at Saturday, 25 March, 2006  
  • Sorry the socks you made for your Mum didn't fit and better luck with the next ones! Still, at least you get to own another pair. Good luck with the "relearning". :-)

    By Blogger KnitYoga, at Sunday, 26 March, 2006  
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