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Last call

Friday, March 17, 2006
I've typed up the Acorn pattern now, and so it's ready to be tested.

I've put it up into a PDF file (man, I love Open Office) and it's 9 pages long and 68.5 kb in size.

I'd be sending it via email, so if you are on dial-up or have to pay per kb, be prepared!

There are no pictures of the finished item, but there is a schematic and there are plenty of pictures on the blog.

If it's possible I'd need to have feedback by the middle of April at the latest, and I'd need honesty (but be nice!).

You'll get a credit either in the pattern itself, or here on the blog. And my eternal thanks! Oh, and a workable garment, too!

"aup", thanks for the comment you left, but there was no email address to reply to and when I clicked on your profile link, it was hidden. If you still want to test-knit the pattern, could you email me using the link over in the side bar with your details (including your blog if you have one). Ta.

I'll leave comments open for 48 hours from when this is posted.

Thanks again to everyone reading and I'm now beginning to get nervous. Eep!
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