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Baby got back

Saturday, November 27, 2004
Well, Klaralund does, anyway!

I sewed up about 5 cm/2" of the back, just to stop it slipping off my shoulders and I left the garter stitch at the bottom to act like vents. All the details on mods, yarn and pattern can be found here.

I'm mid-way through updating my home pages, so some will still have the old font, and some the new. It looks really messy at the moment, but it will look better in the end!

It's been a year since my Grandad died (it seems simultaneously longer and shorter than that). After he died, I made my tribute to him in the best way I knew how: I knit a jumper in his honour. I'm wearing it today, but I wear it all the time and I think of him whenever I do.

Tommorow: the great Ample Knitters Button Exchange!
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