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A plethora of reviews

Saturday, February 05, 2005
Firstly, a disclaimer: what follows are my own personal opinions and by no means is a slight on the designers/publications involved. I am highly opinionated. This is the end of the warning!

"Knitting" magazine (March 2005): disappointing. Poor colour choice and slightly ill-fitting garments abound. However, the worst offender is this:

Lurid green - fine. Multicoloured bobbles - fine. Fringing - fine. A lurid green cardigan with multicoloured bobbles and fringing - NO! In order to protect the model's shame, I've done a Crimewatch-style fuzzout of her face.

Vogue Knitting: Winter 2005 - Overall quite good. The bags section (including a knitted "thing" to go over the back wheels of a bicycle - why?) is not to my liking. However, the "West Coast Winter" is just my kind of this. The two pieces I really like are these:

I can see the first one working well in Rowan Wool Cotton or possible All Seasons Cotton.

I also love these funky socks:

Rowan Magazine 37: the 1970s on acid. A few hidden gems, but this, I like:

And finally ... a review of the first yarn I've ever spun.

Luckily, the huge uneveness of the yarn doesn't show through in this photo. Nowadays it's called "slubby" and "designer". I call it inept spinning! Let's just say: "could do better", but not bad for a first fifth effort.
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  • Your spinning looks great for a first try. It takes a little while to be able to spin smooth even yarn. But sooner than you think, you will be amazing. The drawback is that after you can spin even and ffine yarn, it is difficult to spin thick and uneven yarn again. I agree with you about the VK West Coast winter story, but I have to say that I love the felted rose basket bag. LOVE it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, 07 February, 2005  
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