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Introducing Ms. Mariposa

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Finally, she is complete.

I'm not overly thrilled with it (to do with me, not the pattern) and her future looks uncertain! It can't be good that I'm thumbing through some past issues of Rowan magazines I bought for inspiration!

All the information (and more) is detailed over on it's own little project page.


Apparently, in Portuguese "Dyed in the Wool" translates as Tingido nas las. Thanks to the Brazilian looking for a progress picture of mohair mittens. It gets cold there, then?

New plans:

I'm really looking forward to doing some "Knitting from the Top" - primarily Cathode and Tivoli T, but ultimately I'd like to have enough confidence to design something myself. I own this book:

and I've used it to knit my Dad a jumper, but never anything for myself.

Firstly, I have some socks and masses of lace to knit before I think of starting anything else. I'd love to have nothing in my projects progress thing in the sidebar, so that I can focus everything on the saddle-shoulder cardigan I'm planning for my mum.

I do.

I've finished the first half of it and really does benefit from a good blocking. I went with a thorough misting of water and pinned it out on a towel, on top of a folded duvet.

The petal pattern isn't as pronounced in my DK yarn as it is in the pattern, but I still like it.

Sockapal2za/Lava Flow socks.

I've done the short row garter stitch heel (reasons forthcoming after I've sent them, just in case therecipientt reads this blog) and you can see it beingablyymodeledd here by a tennis ball:

Side one:

Side two:

Back view:

Both side-by-side:

I tried really hard to get the stripes to match, but I pulled out what seemed to be half the ball and still couldn't find a matching piece. I gave up and started anyway. I am so weak.
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