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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pictures taken earlier in the year, although there's hardly any "Spring" sprouting so it looks pretty much the same now! The bubble wrap is to keep everything at a near-constant temperature during the Winter.

This was the scene of my second most exausting experiment ever. I had to grow three varieties of Red Fescue grass (1) with and without salt water application and (2) suspended above salt and non-salt water.

Part 1

Part 2

And the first most exausting experient? The nitrogen-application nettle one. Oi! The 4-part soil testing of 12 test plots nearly killed me.

Knitting Knews (oh, how witty!)

I've finished the I Do shrug and I'm now waiting for a break in the Bilblical-scale rain storm to take some outdoor pictures. I'm also waiting for decent light to take pictures of the stuff I won thanks to Lou!

See you when there's some sunshine non-rain.


Found via Emma and knitty Amy, I decided to go for it! It's 1 minute 25 seconds long and OMG - I sound sooooo Northern! So, to hear me ramble on, go here. Eep!
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