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Help! Motivation missing assumed lost!

Friday, December 17, 2004
Why is that the closer to "the day that shall not be named", the more I have to do, and the less I feel like doing it?

My Dad's jumper seems to be taking FOREVER to make (unless he'd like a crop-top, of course), my mum's waistcoat hasn't had anything done to it in ages and her socks are going to be decidedly short if I run out of time.

The problem is, I'm an impatient procrastinator (I'll do everything tomorrow but I'll get bored waiting for tomorrow!).

On happier news I've passed one of this year's courses! The other course result will be available by the 22nd of December, at the earliest. ARRRRRGGGGGG.

Pictures at some point the future (hopefully it will be an FO!).
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