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Run, rabbit, run

Sunday, April 17, 2005
Bunny slippers - she say no!

A month ago bunny slippers in Snowflake Chunky seemed like a cute idea. Now? They are not. Me and the yarn don't get on and I don't think they'll be entirely practical. So, I'm thinking that the yarn can go back on top of my wardrobe until I think of something else to make with it. The retirement of the slippers means I'm technically no longer part of the Bunny-along, but I'll keep the button up for the rest of the month.

On happier news, I present to you a 99.9% complete Brigitte (click for larger pictures)

That last 0.1% is the zip that is on its way from North Wales as I write. Brigitte is a substantial girl and I think she deserves the full coat-like treatment.

The Go Team! socks are really motoring and looking good:

Heel with gusset:

And Ribbon Xback was progressing nicely, until I realised I'd done this:

It's only six rows of the front part of the top, but I'm still mightily peeved that I managed to do it.

Now: a little indulgence for me. If you wouldn't mind taking a brief moment, could you leave a comment (or email me if you're shy) as to how you came across my blog. I'm not going to use this information in any nefarious way - I'm just infinitely curious and I always wonder how anyone ends up here!
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  • I came across your blog via SP4 and I enjoy reading it!

    By Blogger Yarngirl, at Sunday, 17 April, 2005  
  • Musta spoken to you on Knitty, and came to nose at your blog :)

    By Blogger Peatbogfaery, at Sunday, 17 April, 2005  
  • You posted to the Ample-Knitters list about your newly finished sweater, and I came to look!

    By Anonymous Shelda, at Monday, 18 April, 2005  
  • I joined the t shirt KAL and while I am waiting for my wool - still - I spend my time enviously checking out other peoples progress via the links on nona's side bar

    By Anonymous Janine, at Monday, 18 April, 2005  
  • I can completely understand wanting to know where people came from and how they happened upon your blog. I've actually seen you post on AK before and seen your finished projects page, but didn't realize you had a blog. I'm going to post you as a link on my blog, if you don't mind.

    By Blogger Wanda, at Friday, 22 April, 2005  
  • Was going thru the fluffy knitter blogs, and came across yours. No ring wants me (I'm on the waiting list for beginner babe) so far. I also have a blog, but so far only friends and family stop by to visit and comment.

    By Blogger Karyn, at Tuesday, 10 May, 2005  
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