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A Secret Pal strikes!

Thursday, March 10, 2005
I have been gifted!


Four patterns (including one for a catnip mouse that I know my neighbour's cat will go mad for), plus a "Julia Robert's Hat" that I like the slouchy look of.
Also, a journal/blank "ideas" book covered with what looks and feels like hessian and which contains handmade-look paper. I'm thinking that this might be the ideal book to catalogue my knitwear in. The only coherent record I have is this blog and my webpage.

The fabric in the background is a wrap-skirt that my maternal grandmother brought back from Malta. Although what Zulu shields have to do with a Mediterranean island, I don't know.

Oh, and secret pal - best not risk anything drink or food like, just in case "the Authorities" have tea sniffer dogs out in force! Besides, I'm much more French in my beverage-tastes anyway (coffee and chocolate, all day, everyday). And the kind of music I really don't like: trash-metal, mindless hardcore dance tunes, and opera in languages I don't understand (i.e. anything other than English, or bad English!). Music I do like: Green Day, Lemar (British artist), Joss Stone, Maroon 5, Faithless, Franz Ferdinand, Missy Elliot, Outkast. (Green are those whose albums I've worn a groove into - or I would have if they weren't on CD).

In knitting news: I've cast on for a little fun project.

I defy anyone to be able to take a good picture of Sirdar Snowflake Chunky in black. Anyway, they are bunny slippers, for the Bunny Along. I plan on doing a fairly conventional toe-up sock/slipper thing, knitting some ears, embroidering on a nose and adding buttons for the eyes. I plan on making the ears detachable, for sensibility and washing purposes. A project page will be forth coming.
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