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Here we go again :o(

Sunday, March 13, 2005
The stashbusters have been frogged - again. Not all the way, this time, but just back to the straight row section.


Here's yet another "before" photo:

My mum's feet are smaller than mine: fact. My mum's feet are wider than mine: fact. Somehow, she manages to wears the same sized socks as me. Weird! So, I was working the socks as the Women's Medium width, but the Women's Small length. Big mistake! Should have trusted my instincts. The pattern is fine; in fact it's really well written. It's just me.

So, I've cast on for some simple toe-up bi-coloured socks in DK wool. I'm going to knit like fury from now until the end of the month. The stashbusters will once again become mine.

Ideas, suggestions, encouragement? I'll take it all.

The bunny-along slippers are going well (especially since I'm making it up as I go along). I'm just about ready to start working in the flat for the heel/cuff combo. Since I'm an "Earth Goddess" kinda gal, I was aiming for a pair of Spring Equinox bunny slippers. However, I've just realised that it's on the 20th of March, whereas Easter is a good seven days later. I think I'll stick to the original finish date! There will probably not be any photos of these until they are finished (or almost finished), since the yarn doesn't show up at all well in pictures, and a blob of black, fluffy stocking stitch is hardly exciting!
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