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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Boring stuff first, then on to the goodies!

I've almost finished with Nothin' but a T-shirt's frontage (click on any/all of the pictures for a bigger view):

V-neck shaping

A closer look

And using nona's Japanese short rows technique:

Now for the good stuff:

Sock it to me Esprit, Skacel Sirenetta and some Brittany Birch 5" d.p. in 3.5 mm. (from Elann)

Regia Mini Ringel

Reiga Silk (for my mum's cold little feet) (both from here)

Assorted sock yarn - hmmm.... (some from Elann, some from Mavis Crafts, some from The Knitting Zone and the rest from the Secret Pal 3 programme)

Still nada on the Secret Pal 4 parcel - I'm now assuming one of the following: it went surface instead of air, it got lost, or it's stuck in customs Heck*. Either way, I'm sure that my still-mysterious SP is peeved just as much as I am!

Martha progress: not much, although I'm now done with the decreases and it works up faster than I was anticipating.

Go Team Star Trek socks: I'm nearly done with the gusset increases and I know that it'll go faster from here on in.


*you know Heck, one level up from Hell. Ruled by Phil, the Prince of Insufficent Light. Fans of Dilbert will already be laughing. For those of you who aren't, go here.
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