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One lotus blossom flower, two lotus blossom flower ...

Friday, August 26, 2005
I've been knitty.com RAKed:

Look what I got!

Edit: I completely frelled up. Someone else had said that they would send me some Kool-aid and I assumed that this was it. NEVER assume anything. So, thank a thousand fold zknitter, from the knittyboard, and I am soooooooo sorry for the mix up.

On Mariposa:

I’m still undecided on whether I like her enough to keep her – useful, aren’t I? Constructive criticism will be welcomed (as long as it’s not of the “God, you’re so fat, that’s why it doesn’t suit you” variety – as a certain relative of mine might say). I wore her today and I'm warming to keeping her.

All things bloggy:

I've fixed the problem with the display in Internet Explorer and re-jigged a few things like the Google search box in the sidebar (you can use it to search the blog or the internet). If you want to search for a project I did sometime in the past, use the search box on the blog, or the one on my home page. I'm working on installing a search box on all the pages on my web site, to make things a bit easier to find. All of this is not too bad for someone who learnt her HTML in the dark days of the internet before there were images (yes, all those stories you were told are true!).

Oh, and how's this font? Better or worse?


I’ve done one repeat on the first sock and, despite a few fluff-ups due to not concentrating hard enough, it’s going well.

Commenting on comments:

I got a comment from Margene about my Mariposa. As in the Margene. As in Utah, Zeneedle, Margene. It's not right that I should be this excited, is it?

Lava Flow socks:

I’ve really got into the rhythm of these socks now, and they are going fast because I’m only working the patterning on the top side of the sock. The reason for this is twofold; firstly, I think it would be a bit uncomfortable to walk on a slip stitch pattern and secondly, the diameter of my pal’s feet is fractionally larger than their ankle diameter, so that should help it fit better.

My ring:

No, nothing with diamonds! It's for all us "Knitting Amys", since there are quite a few of us around.
I've set up a blog and to join click here.

Lotus Blossom Shawl.

Ahh, yes. I was sitting shivering the other day wrapped in my super-cheap viscose "pashmina" and I suddenly remembered my merino wool shawl was lying there all unloved.

I'm increasing four stitches every other row so, obviously, each row gets longer and longer. I've just got one more repeat of the "blossom" part of the shawl and then I've got the bobble bind-off to do. Wish me luck!

Yarn acquisition:

This lurvly yarn arrived the other day:

Without flash:

With flash (to show the sheen from the rayon):

It's Cotton Rayon Sport from Mystical Creation Yarns in the States. I got it via the Yarn Co-op on Yahoo Groups. The colourway is called "Copper Desert".

I'm thinking of a 3-to-2 Any Gauge Sweater, working the diagonal bit to my shoulder-to-shoulder measurements and adding side panels so it fits more like a set-in sleeve than a drop shoulder top. I already have the pattern, so a quick tension square will tell me what the yarn wants to be!
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