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You socksy thing!

Monday, December 04, 2006
Yay for insomnia, the cricket and my epistaxis! These things have come together beautifully to produce this:

Right side:
iris garden 04-12-06 002

Wrong side (showing the floats):
iris garden 04-12-06 001

Three-quarters of the way up the sock is the waste yarn for the afterthought heel (another technique I haven't tried before).
I'm now up to the part with the lettering - a chance the designer gave us knitters to go "wild". This is also the point in the sock where I stop showing pictures. I want to reveal the phrase/saying/pattern for both socks at the same time. It wont take a genius to work out what the lettering is likely to relate to (read my blog for five minutes, and you'd probably get it) but the effect will be greater if all is revealed at once!

Philosopher's Wool Vest:

Hence forth to be known as the PWV (because I can't be typing that out everytime I blog). I've been sketching what I'd like the finished vest/waistcoat to look like:

Philosopher's Wool sketch

The kits don't really come with a pattern, in the conventional sense. It's much in the spirit of Elizabeth Zimmerman, where you make a swatch, measure yourself and then do a little maths. The "pattern" is written as a straight up 'n' down tube which is not going to work for me. This is where my annoying propensity for fiddling with patterns (and a love of maths problem-solving) comes in handy!
I have finally settled on the Trillium pattern and I'm going to use the background/foreground colours as they were packed in the kit (very useful little trick that - foreground colours at the top and background colours at the bottom of the bag) .

That's all for - ta-ra!

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  • Oh, I hate nosebleeds but I love your sock, it is stunning and there will be words??? Very cool!! The cricket?? A bit boring, I was hoping we would be bowled out and they would make a game of it. I need tops 'not' to be straight up and down too. What a clever way to organise the wool in the bag. Oh Trillium makes me think of the Trillium famtasy books. I might read them again...I have too many new books though. Can't wait to see your socks and vest!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Monday, 04 December, 2006  
  • I have to hand it to you - you're a stranding Godess - those socks are amazing!

    By Blogger Claudia, at Monday, 04 December, 2006  
  • Those are VERY socksy socks! Or I should say, THAT is a very socksy sock =/ yeah, that's it. Insomnia, yeah, that, too - why else would I be trying to comment at 35 minutes past midnight? CRAZY

    Can't wait to see PWV begin to take shape. =)*)

    Awesome work on the sock, someday.... goodnight

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Tuesday, 05 December, 2006  
  • Great socks! I am still dithering about colourways :-)

    By Anonymous janine, at Tuesday, 05 December, 2006  
  • I love how your Iris Garden socks are turning out. I'm curious as to your lettering, that will be interesting to see. I've seen lots of nice designs from Philosopher's. Can't wait to see what yours looks like!

    By Blogger Wanda, at Sunday, 10 December, 2006  
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