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I'm never leaving the house again...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
For the first time in ages, I was well enough to "go to the village" (not a euphemism!). Four days later I developed what can best be described as gastric flu. This was, of course, exacerbated by the news that my maternal grandfather had been taken to hospital almost two years to the day that my other grandfather died. Needless to say, I didn't cope with the news well. I don't know how ill he really is**, but this was in the same week in which legendary footballer George Best, 34 year old Rally Driver Richard Burns and my next-door neighbour's 16 year old cat all died. Oh, yes, and my parent's mortgage company insist that the 900-odd quid over the amount they thought they owed were charges from the beginning of the 20 year mortgage!!!!! My mum is now launching an official complaint with the company, but in the meantime they will have to pay the money. That's something they can ill-afford right now. Not a very good seven days...


Progress so far:

Click for a slightly bigger picture

Ball count: 8/15 (those that have been used) - which means I've got seven left. I should make it, shouldn't I? My mum wants a "Kidney-warmer" cardigan, also known as ar*e-length! I did a quick calculation as to the finished width and it is (in the words of one of my favourite films, "My Cousin Vinny") dead-on-balls-accurate!

And now a wee question:

Would you be interested in the rough notes for Arien?
I'll wait to see what it looks like first!

Free polls from Pollhost.com

The notes I put up would be very rough and sketchy and they would just be the raw numbers that I used. If you've ever knit one of Stef Japel's designs, you should be able to figure it out! At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I'd really recommend Knitting from the Top.


I was knitting these when my Grandma phoned on Saturday, so I've only done to just before the heel flap:

Cigar Gloves:

I've made a start on parte the first:

Can you stand the excitement? They could be almost anything - socks, sleeves, two tiny hats ...

And Nona - I have actually done one third of those items I promised (for peaceful palms), but I just can't show them yet. OK?

Winter Knitty

If you're a knitter on the internet, you probably already know that the new knitty is out, but for what it's worth, here's my review:
A bit ... mehh ... for my tastes.
For a little insight, the following are designs I could see myself making (sometime, maybe):

  • Boogie Time (because of my allergies I can't wear normal watches, so this will be made)
  • Tubey (I'm one of those hot/cold people, so this could actually be quite practical for me)
  • Cheesy Puffs (for my dad as is or for my brother as a jacket)
  • Spike scarf - lovely, lovely. I love it!
And does the Mrs. Beeton pattern look familiar?

** The opening paragraph was written on Sunday and Monday. My mum spoke to my Grandpa on Monday night and he's now back home and still has his "sense of humour" - so he seems to be good!
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