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Monday, October 24, 2005
I had a book.

Javede wanted the book.

I sent her the book.

She sent me some yarn.

The internet rocks!

Currently have my eye on ...

I'm really taken with this raglan jumper from the Dale of Norway Oberstdorf 2005 book.

The yarn it calls for is as follows:

17 of Heilo 0017. off white
2 of Heilo 5764. indigo
1 of Heilo 6031. pewter
1 of Heilo 5813. mist blue

If I bought the recommended yarn, it would rush me over US$150 (not including P&P).

So, I though laterally and found a King Cole Anti-tickle merino, machine washable yarn at Texere. The pallete of colours is incredable and the price is brilliant! Now I just need to find a source for the pattern booklet (not necessarily in the UK). Oh, and some money, and time, and a non-dissaproving look from my mum, and...

My Mum's Cardigan

I'm making a knit-from-the-top raglan cardigan with cables down the arms and front for Christmas, with Knitting from the Top holding my hand.

The very rough schematic (that's my mum on the right!).

The Swatch:

The cable is number 24.2 taken from this book:

The yarn is a cotton/acylic tweed called Plymouth Stone Cotton that I got from Elann (it all sold out in about four hours). It's Aran-weight (4.5 sts = 1") and I'm working it up on US7 Denise Interchangeables (I really love those, don't I?).


This is the first sock. I have at least two more inches to go before I start the toe. Even though I'm not Jewish, I think a Yiddish-ism is appropriate here: Oy vey!

Mystery Shawl:

This is how I'm (supposed to be) keeping track of the pattern. I nearly made it to the end of Clue 2, when I did a quick stitch count and found I was six stitches in credit.
I tried "tinking" a few rows to pick up the error, but it wasn't happening. I ripped back to the end of clue 1 (thank you lifelines) and I'm half way through number 2 again. Everyone else is on Clue 4 (the edging).

My Winter knitting:

Janine (of Knitting on an Island fame) mentioned that my Christmas list was long. Hah! That ain't nothin'! Normally, I sew two camoflague waistcoats and a pair of trousers for my brother, knit a couple of pairs of socks, some mittens, hats and scarves and usually make one larger knitted item like a jumper or cardigan. This year is easy. Bring it on!
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  • I'll stick to my four pairs of socks for my Christmas knitting. I have two musicals to costume and a dining room to decorate :-)

    By Anonymous Janine, at Monday, 24 October, 2005  
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