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Saturday, September 17, 2005
This is not new yarn:

It's just your imagination. No, really. This is not Hand Painted Yarn's olive-coloured lace weight merino. It really isn't, honest. I didn't get it from the Yarn Coop at all. Nope. Just all in your mind. Yup!


To the person who found this blog by search for fun fur knitting mice pattern - shame on you! I hope you've realised that mine is not that kind of blog. Get thee to a fair isle class!

Lotus Blossom:

Thank you to all of the people who commented on the completion of the-shawl-without-end. The only person IRL I know who knits is a "The pattern says use yarn X, so I'm using yarn X" kinda gal. She wont even use a different yarn even if it's in the same weight. I, on the other hand, love messing around with different types of yarn, different weights and different patterns. Just because it says use 2/2 ribbing, doesn't mean I have to (and I frequently don't!)


Remember the RAK package I got? Well, this is what I did with it:

My mum says I like bright colours.







Do you?

New Stuff:

You may have notice a new project in my WIP sidebar: A cabled tank from Berroco. There'll be more on that next time. Oooh, I'm such a tease!

Well, this week it's Infectious Disease revision and next week it's Oceanography. Just three weeks and six days until my first exam. Help.

*A bonus point to the first geek person who can tell me where that's from (points, in this case, don't mean prizes I'm afraid. You just get the satifaction of being nearly as nerdy as me!)

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