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OK, so I lied!

Saturday, December 23, 2006
The last post isn't the last one before Christmas.
I just logged on to my university's website to accept my degree and I found out the classification.

degree qualification

A closer look?
degree qualification close up

It's a 2.1!!!!!!!

I'm not normally a fan of the over-use of the exclamation mark, but I think it needs it!
As I mentioned previously, I thought I'd get a 2.2, so this is a complete surprise. I hadn't felt like celebrating yet, just in case they'd made a mistake and were going to take it away from me. Bring on the Dandelion and Burdock* - let the part-ey begin!

And now, I promise, that's it. Really. Totally nothing until after Boxing Day. Or at least Boxing Day. Christmas Eve?

*I can't drink alcohol for medical reasons (well, I could, but I'd have to have 999 on speed-dial) so this is as wild as I get!

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