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A (knitting) revelation

Friday, December 16, 2005
The first pair of Cigar Gloves are done:

cg 001


cg 002

But that's not the great news! I had an apiphany! I think the reason my wrist "went" was due to working with metal needles. During knitting the fingers I switched to a set of Brittany Birch dpn's I'd bought earlier this year. OMG! Seriously - it was like knitting with air. They were amazing! I've a feeling that 2006 will be "The Year of Selling Metal Needles" followed by "The Year of Buying Wooden Needles".

For all the nauseating yarn, needles and pattern details, scoot over to the Dyed in the Wool FO blog.

I'm now debating whether I should plough on with Amble socks, or make a start on Cigar Gloves number 2. I think we all know that the socks should be done first, since they are the oldest (and I haven't even cast on for the gloves yet).


Zero progress since Sunday, and I've resigned myself to it being late. My poor mum! It's always her stuff that gets done last, because she's so reasonable about the whole thing. I'll still wrap it and give her a present, but I'll include an IOU!

The Poll is still open (see this post) and at the time of going to press we have YES 70%, NO 0% and I'LL WAIT 30%.

Thanks for all the "Congratulations" on my exam results. Hopefully, 2006 should be a heck of a lot easier, although pretty much all of the year will be self-directed. I have to come up with my own project topic (Science in Society) and create a massive essay. Help!
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  • those are SO COOl =) sorry about your wrist though - ow - I get a catch in my left wrist sometimes, but usually a few little stretches and it's ok - (and peppermint oil is my friend)- I have heard some say that the continental style knitting is harder on the wrist - I wouldn't know, I'm not good at that yet, so it's all hearsay. Congrats on passing all your classes! YAAY and good job, b/c I'm very impressed that you could concentrate to do that well with all the stuff you've been through lately. So double kudos to you =)

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Saturday, 17 December, 2005  
  • I love how your cigar gloves turned out. I'm so glad your wrist is feeling better and you found the culprit. I definately think knitting with the lighter weight bamboo needles are easier on the arms and wrists.

    By Anonymous nona, at Monday, 19 December, 2005  
  • Haha! Those gloves are great! and a huge congrats on passing your courses!

    By Blogger Woolly Wormhead, at Wednesday, 21 December, 2005  
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