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War wounds

Monday, December 12, 2005

A combination of the cigar gloves on Saturday and Arien on Sunday. Humph.

So, all I have to show for progress is this:

Don't worry - the intended recipient doesn't have wrists that size - it's just my support strapping!

Instead of knitting, I will showcase some sewing (only as links to images in case a certain someone, who's ego is now the size of a house since he "got" knitting, is looking) :

Item 1 - Photo 1 and photo 2: (David - don't look. I'm serious. Quit it! If you look, you won't get the birthday cake I promised I'd make you. Do you want the mini boob cake? Do you?)

Items 2 and 3:
A pocket-pencil holder, and a toolbag for crosshead and flathead screwdrivers.

Lifted wholesale from Bagatell, because I liked it.

Julememe, translated.

Eggedosis eller kakao? What the heck is eggedosis in English? It's like eggnog without the milk... just sugar and raw egg. All I can think is SALMONELLA! Oh, the question is - that stuff or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, because I can't really drink alcohol (health reasons)

Pakker nissen gavene eller bare legger han dem under treet? Does Santa wrap the presents or does he just put them under the tree?

I wrap the presents and get a bad back for it in the process!

Fargede eller hvite lys på treet? Colored or white lights on the tree?

Coloured for kitch, but white for class (and erm... they're cheaper too!)

Henger du opp "mistletoe"? Do you hang up mistletoe?

No - it's a very precious plants and I wouldn't want to risk making it even more endangered (sorry, not very sexy, but it's how I feel!)

Når begynner du å pynte? When you you start decorating?

I put bits and pieces up around the second week of December, but the main sparkles go up around the 23rd or the 24th.

Hva er din favorittmat i julen? What's your favorite food at Christmas?

Sprouts (and that, I know, will divide people)

Favorittminne fra julen som barn? Favorite memory from Christmas as a child?

The one Christmas we didn't have to go to my grandma's. It was horrible as a child to have to get dressed up, leave the house, wait until 1 'o' clock to eat, sit through the Queen's Speech and then get to open the presents (in regimented order). Blegh.

Når og hvordan lærte du at nissen ikke finnes? When and how did you find out that Santa didn't exist?

For any children reading - he does exist - really he does. However, I worked out that it was highly unlikely that a reindeer-powered flying sleigh would be able to deliver presents to all the children in the world. Plus, starving kids in Africa don't get pressies do they? So, one year, I proposed an experiment and I waited up to see who would deliver the stocking to the end of my bed. It was my Dad! I didn't let on, becuase I knew that it meant something to the adults! Gawd, I was a weird child.

Åpner du gaver på julaften? Do you open presents on Christmas eve?

No, never.

Hvilke kaker setter du ut til nissen? What type of cookies do you set out for Santa?

We don't do that in this country. We leave out Mince Pies and a glass of some sort of alcohol.

Snø! Elsker eller hater? Snow! Love it or hate it?

Love it!

Kan du gå på skøyter? Can you ice skate?

No. I've a feeling I'd fall flat on ... something!

Hva er din aller beste julegave? What's your ideal Christmas present?

In fantasy - for my parents to have good health and no money worries. In reality, books and yarn!

Hva er det viktigste med julen for deg? What's the most important thing about Christmas to you?


Hva er din favorittdessert i julen? What's your favorite dessert at Christmas?

Not traditional, but tiramasu.

Hva er din beste tradisjon i jula? What's your best tradition at Christmas?

Giving my grandma the same kind of chocolates she's had at christmas since the year dot.

Hva har du på toppen av juletreet? What's on top of your Christmas tree?

A yellow, sequin-embellished, star, sewn by me.

Hva foetrekker du? Gi eller få gaver? What do you prefer? Giving or getting presents?

I love both, but to choose one, I'd have to say giving.

Beste julesang? Best Christmas song?

I can't remember the title, but I think it's an Emerson, Lake and Palmer song with the line "The Christmas you get, you deserve". It always makes me cry! Either that, or Bells End by The Darkness!


Hmm.... marzipan. But only if it's wrapped around Batternburg cake!

And, finally ...

Look what David did next:

He cast on, and got going himself. I'm so proud! We actually did communal knitting!

Hopefully (where have I said that before?) I should have the first pair of cigar gloves done by next post. So, if I don't post until the 26th, you'll know why!

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