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It finally happened

Saturday, December 10, 2005
After years of nagging cajoling suggesting that I teach my (not so) little brother to knit, yesterday this happened:

10-12-05 001
My brother's first knitting!

Not bad, huh! Until 17:45 on Friday, he had never picked up a pair of needles in his life. I'm doubly proud because he has dyspraxia, which means he has difficulty with fine motor control and he is clumsy. I taught him continental, because I thought that having permanent hold of the needles would be best for him. I also taught him "in, round, through, off" to help him remember where he was up to.

I started him off on ten stitches, and he's only managed to lose one so far (he actually knit two together!) so I think he's doing really well. UPDATE: he's now on 11 stitches! Genius!

And yes, ladies, he is straight and single!

Cigar Gloves #1:

10-12-05 002
Progress as of about 12:30pm on Saturday.

I'd hoped to be further on than this, considering that there are 14 days to go, but I hope to have them finished by (possibly) Monday.


Not much blog-worthy progress here, but I am nearly done with ball number 9. I seem to be getting about 8 cm/3.25 inches per ball (over about 200 stitches per row) which means with 6 balls left, I should get about 48 cm/20 inches more. That means a finished length of ... whoooh ... 65 cm (that's around 26"). I had a look at the Berroco pattern library and that length seems to be about right for a hip-ish-length cardigan. I suspect it will sag slightly because the yarn is a cotton/acrylic mix and therefore doesn't have much elastic memory.

10-12-05 003
The amount of knitting per ball.

New blog:

I've set up a new blog for my finished objects (FOs). I'll still keep my home page up, because I'm not going to add items to the new blog retrospectively.

I'll see you the other side of the weekend with (I hope) my first pair of finished Cigar Gloves.
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  • Way to go little brother - and it's traditional to create extra stitches from nowhere with your first piece of knitting.

    I love the colour of your Arien.

    By Anonymous Anne, at Sunday, 11 December, 2005  
  • How awesome that your brother learned to knit! Coolness! You're making great progress on your mother's cardigan. It definitely will be a long one. Yikes! Sorry to see what happened to your hand. I hope it heals soon.

    By Blogger Wanda, at Monday, 12 December, 2005  
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