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Bloglines can't "see" me - EDITED AGAIN

Friday, April 28, 2006
It all appears to be working now - carry on! (But sign up with Feedburner just in case!)

So if you popped by on the off chance but you normally sub with Bloglines, hi!

I'll be emailing "people" today.

N.b.: I typed bloblines into the title!

EDIT: as a work-around I signed up to FeedBurner. It gives the same service as Atom, but in RSS. This feed is working. Hopefully, this should prove more stable, and will offer more in the way of subscription services. Go here to sign up to the new feed.

EDIT 2: Janine can see me in Bloglines, no red exlamation mark or anything. I can't see me.

Of course, none of this will matter if you're reading this because there either isn't a problem or you don't use bloglines! :shrug:
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