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I've started sneezing like a pregnant Bajoran

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
This can only mean one thing - spring has sprung!

I hate my row gauge!

It's causing me all sorts of problems at the moment. Tubey is taking forever to knit, and it doesn't feel as if I've progressed at all. The same goes for the socks. I know I've made progress on those because I use markers in my work to show where I started in a session.
However, this gauge of mine is causing me something of a headache when it comes to doing the maths for the Acorn pattern. Row and stitch gauge are both important, and so I want to get this right. Not that I'm complaining about having to do maths. Sometimes, if I'm bored, I do long division or quadratic equations. For fun. I'm too sad for words!

EDIT: I've done pretty much all of the maths on Acorn now, and it's not as bad as I'd thought. Woo hoo!!!

Argyle Scarf:

Compare and contrast with the last photo.

19-04-06 002

Thrilling isn't it!

This is the chart I made for it (I used Open Office, but other spreadsheet packages are available):

Argyle Scarf Chart


I know I'm making progress.


Tubey 25-04-06
25th of April

tubey 12-04-06 010
12th of April


Found via the Crochet Me newsletter - crocheted hyperbolic space models.
Tom Cruise is still freaking me out (no links - if you don't know why, just google and freak your own good self out!)
David Blaine to live underwater for a week (just a week? Can't you make a tad longer? Like 30 years?)

And why, you may ask, hasn't there been as much knitting progress as there should be?

My index card file:

25-04-06 005

The ones as the back are blank, but the rest of them (all 50) are scientific papers that I have to read, analyse, and place into a coherent format. Yeah - good luck with that!

Sorry about the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reference. Actually, I'm not really.

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  • Glad your head really hasn't fallen off. All your knitting effort must have come my way, I seem to be knitting literally metres of stuff!!!! I love derivatives and matrix stuff, and trig!! I have been helping a friend's daughter with her trinomials.. sigh of happiness!!! I love freaking people out by doing the unitary method in my head at the supermarket. They like shopping with me!! I KNOW a bargain when I see one. I'm good for % off too.
    Sneezing? You poor thing. I like the Bajoran clapping. When I was still teaching my 'job' was to start the clapping at Assembly, and I liked to make my whole class do Bajoran Clapping!!!
    I'm off to look at the crocheted models now!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Wednesday, 26 April, 2006  
  • Totally agree about Blaine and Cruise!
    BTW, your scarf looks great, coloure choice specially!

    By Anonymous Sandra, at Wednesday, 26 April, 2006  
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