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Friday, April 28, 2006
Icons of England (from Icons.org.uk - this isn't my idea unfortunately!):

*Alice In Wonderland*
The Angel of the North (want to see it)
Big Ben (the bell not the tower!)
*Blackpool Tower*
Brick Lane
*Cricket* (my first love!)
A Cup of Tea (can't stand the stuff, but it is English)
The Domesday Book
Eden Project (so want to go)
*The FA Cup* (Love watching it on TV)
Globe Theatre
*Hadrian's Wall* (walked along it - it was beautiful countryside)
The Hay Wain
HMS Victory
Holbein's Henry VIII
*Jerusalem* (stiring)
The King James Bible
*Lindisfarne Gospels* (I've been to Lidisfarne as well, it was amazing!)
*Miniskirt* (yes, I've worn a mini-skirt!)
*Morris Dancing* (watched it live - with sticks and clogs!)
Notting Hill Carnival
*The Origin Of Species* (did an entire university course on this!)
Pride And Prejudice (never read it or seen an adaptation)
*The Pub* (Ahh, pubs = grandma for me!)
*Punch and Judy * (hilarious and violent, what more do you need?)
*Queen's Head Stamp* (I used to lick the back of her head. Then they introduced self-adheisive stamps. Spoil Sports!)
The Routemaster Bus
The Spitfire
SS Empire Windrush
*St George's Flag*
Sutton Hoo Helmet
York Minster

*Places I've been/stuff I've read/stuff I've done.

And I is also for ICE:


Formation (clickable to make bigable)

I took this in Winter (oh, so long ago) and really loved the form. The water had dripped from a leaky connector to the water butt and the ice had frozen to the ivy beneath it.

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  • You've got some great icons there , a realy clever I :-)

    By Anonymous janine, at Friday, 28 April, 2006  
  • OK, I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that a great reader like you hasn't read Pride and Prejudice! It's SO sarcastic and intelligently written, I would think it would be right up your alley. hahaha

    I love Alice in Wonderland, too, a book I read for the first time about the same time I started reading Pride and Prejudice, oddly enough.

    Great Post, btw, except for your obvious snub of Jane Austen, sniff

    hahahahaha I used to be nicknamed Cricket. I don't even remember why? hmmmm.....

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Saturday, 29 April, 2006  
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