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I really have to learn to crochet

Thursday, June 29, 2006
The new issue of Crochet Me is up and I really, really need to shake a tail feather and learn to crochet.

Stuff I like:
Galaxy top - a t-shirt transformed by crocheted motifs
Irish Oranges - a mesh shawl with lovely flowers and leaves. I think this would be great made in green with the flowers in different tonal colours.
Crystal Lace Bolero - so cool. I didn't know you could do ribbing in crochet!


I've dropped the first couple of "ladders" and the ribbon yarn is doing exactly what I wanted it to do!

Showing the dropped stitches and the colour
Clapotis 29-06-06 2
Showing the progress (but shakey camera work!)
Clapotis 2 29-06-06 1
Click to enlarge as required.

I still can't get a really true colour representation, so I may resort to using my scanner for the colour, or fiddling with it in Paint Shop Pro.


SLLS 29-06-06
Over two thirds of the way there!

And Finally:

Does anyone know where I can get some log (45 mm or longer), rustproof T-Pins? Preferably mail order in the UK, but I'm prepared to work for it!

Sorry for the brief, and eclectic, post - today hasn't been sparkling for me, but my cricket team just won a very close match, so I'm feeling a bit better!

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  • Your "Cup-o'-tea" looks great. I love it when you start to drop stitches. I love love love the T Sirt. I want to make it now!!! ( It is minus degrees so I think I will have to wait!!) I recognise an Australian name in your cricket repor. I heard that there was a match yesterday where 250 was scored off 20 overs!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Friday, 30 June, 2006  
  • That galaxy top is excellent! You can also do a sort of stockinette stitch in crochet, too. I have a book of crochet stitches and saw it in there. Genius!

    By Anonymous Becky, at Saturday, 01 July, 2006  
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