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Friday, June 23, 2006
I decided that since my wrist didn't like me knitting on 2mm needles all the time, I'd better find something in a larger gauge. Hence Clapotis number 2:

clapotis2 23-06-06
Click-en to em-big-en

In my defence, I did work on Tubey for a bit, but it is mostly wool. And my hands sweat glow. So really, it's all for my health - isn't it?
I went for the purl-stitch-into-drop-stitch method I'd read about other people doing and it's working really well for me.
The yarn I'm using is Lousia Harding Sari Ribbon that I got from Get Knitted via Uknitty (for winning a competition she ran - still no blogging from her, I hope she's doing OK).

Sari Ribbon Yarn Montage
sari ribbon yarn montage
They are out of focus - it was part arty shots, part trying to get a good colour representation!

Winding the first three skeins went quite well, but the last one was a complete 'mare! It was already a bit tangled and the inner part of the skein was wound tighter than the outer part. And then I found a join. Well, not really a join more of a knot. Hence what follows; a tutorial for how to join ribbon yarn so that it is (virtually) invisible:

Click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.
What you'll need: a sewing needle, some pins, matching thread.
join ribbon yarn1

Overlap the two ends by about 1.5"/3 cm and pin them together
join ribbon yarn2

Using a running stitch, sew the ends together
join ribbon yarn3

The finished product
join ribbon yarn4

The join will be slightly thicker than the surrounding yarn, but it is hardly noticable and is the best way of joining ribbon yarn (in my humble opinion!)

Random Stuff:

0: 2Paw Cindy has an excellent tutorial for a sock bag to tote your project around in.
0: Harriet the 175 year old tortiose has died.
0: Andy Warhol's Wig sold for $ 10,800 (so that's where they got Halle Berry's hair from for the new X-Men movie!)
0: Wind farm 'hit eagle numbers' - literally!

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  • Saw UKnitty recently (though I didn't know it was her at the time!), and she looked very well

    By Blogger Mary-Lou, at Friday, 23 June, 2006  
  • What an unusual and interesting choice of yarn for a clapotis. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    By Blogger KnitYoga, at Saturday, 24 June, 2006  
  • Beautiful Clapotis! And I think it's a good idea to have another project of a larger gauge when working on a fine-gauge project. I do it and notice it keeps me from getting bored and rests the hands.

    By Anonymous Becky, at Saturday, 24 June, 2006  
  • The Sari Ribbon is beautiful. Love it. And you definitely do have to rest your hands between smaller needles, I find that it is necessary. That's a smart idea to sew the ends of the ribbons together so there is no join. Smart chickie!

    By Blogger Wanda, at Saturday, 24 June, 2006  
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