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A known issue

Friday, June 16, 2006
This is a technical "I know there's a problem and I'm working on it" type post. No crafting whatsoever. So, if you don't run Internet Explorer at a resolution of 800 by 600 on Windows, I'll see you next time! Bye, bye!

I know that the left sidebar disappears under the above configuration. I don't know why. If you are using Internet Evil, I'd encourage you to change to Firefox anyway (it's lovely) and possibly even Linux (maybe a stage too far, and hypocritical, because I'm running Windows!)

Essentially, I want the sidebars to be static and the main panel to be dynamic. I have no idea how to do this! If you do please, please check out my template (you'll know how) and then leave me a comment or email me and I'll love you forever.

Public Service announcement over!

Thank you!
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  • Wish I could help you, but I had a similare problem when I customized my blog and finally gave up! Mine are all absolut and I guess people with other resolution than mine might have to scroll or get spaces inbetween.
    Good luck though!

    P.S.: probably not that best time to point out, but I can't see your blog titel above the discription(neither in IE nor in Firefox)

    By Blogger javede, at Friday, 16 June, 2006  
  • Oh, I thought it was me!! But did you know when you click to leave a comment the new page comes up as right as rain?? What's going on there?????

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Saturday, 17 June, 2006  
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