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Two FOs for the price of one!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
First shorts, then socks.

My stripey "Longs" (Well I can't really call them shorts if they go past my knee, can I?)
longs - full view

longs - modelled 2

longs - waistband
For more views, go to Flickr using this link here.

Fabric: Striped stretch cotton
Fabric Source: Fabric.com
Pattern: Simplicity 4238 - view E (cropped trousers)
Pattern source: Local fabric/yarn shop
Modifications: Adjusted for my various sizes. Shortened the cropped trousers by about 8 cm (approx. 3.5") to make them "longs" rather than shorts!
Notes/comments: Even after I cut the waist to the smaller size, it was still too big and I had to take it in by 3 cm. Even now, they are a loose, relaxed fit, but this is OK because they make for very comfortable "longs". With thanks to Siliva and Becky for the inspiration.

Simply Lovely Lace Socks.
simply lovely lace socks 1

The changes I made to the lace decreases:
lace socks dec closeup

The sole patterning from the yarn
slls sole of first sock
Click on any of the photos for a larger view (external link to Flickr, as usual).

Yarn: ZwergerGarn Opal Cotton in "Lollipop" (strange colour for a lollipop!). 48% cotton, 39% new wool, 13% polyamide (Nylon).
Yarn Source: My Secret Pal 3 "Angel"
Pattern: Simply Lovely Lace socks by Karen Baumer from the Spring 2006 edition of Interweave Knits.
Needles: 2 mm bamboo double pointed needles.
Modifications: I changed the stitch pattern to eliminate the twisted stitches (I was having none of that) and modified the toe to end on 24 sts instead of 12 (it fits my toes better). I also increased the size of the sock (see next point).
Notes/Comments: These were originally intended for my mum (hence the dour colour) but despite increasing the size of the sock there is no way on this Earth that they were fitting my mum. They only just fit me (they are a bit tight). I may do these again (although I doubt it) and if I did I'd definitely do the sport weight version instead. The majority of the problems came from my too-tight tension/gauge and not the pattern itself.

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  • I think you have almost-capri pants really!! MrsMacGyver's favourite summer trouser!!! You do look very summery and the stripes look very cool!! Huzzah at last the SLLS are finished, and despite being neither simple or lovely, they look fine. I had been thinking about making them, but maybe not now!! The Hippo socks are all knitted into the back of the stitch. I hate that, which is why there is still 1/2 a sock to go!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
  • Your longs look great! They look so comfy. I wish I had the talent to modify a pattern to fit me. I'm a tough shape to fit.

    The socks really are lovely. There is definitely a place for neutral colored socks. I like me some wild colors, don't get me wrong, but sometimes the muted tones are just the thing.

    Congrats on your TWO fo's!

    By Blogger Lou, at Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
  • OMG! You look SO cute in that! You are just a bloomin' seamstress now. =) Very nice coordinates.

    As for the shorts question, they are calling those things mini capris or short capris - something like that.

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Tuesday, 15 August, 2006  
  • Good going with all that sewing - they look great!

    One thing I hate about sewing patterns is that they always, always come up too big. Have taken to working my own these days.

    By Blogger Woolly Wormhead, at Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  
  • The pants really fits well! The colors suit you too!
    Must get the courage to sew pants too, my only two tries were pityfull...

    By Blogger javede, at Wednesday, 16 August, 2006  
  • And she sews too? I really really need to learn how to sew.... or at the minimum thread a needle with the best of intentions. I'm loving 3/4 length trousers at the moment and yours are very cute.

    I'm so glad to be back and it is really good to catch up with you again

    By Blogger C x, at Sunday, 20 August, 2006  
  • Those are fabulous! I love the stripey fabric you picked. I like to call those "walking shorts"...the length when they hit just below the knee. I like that length because they're much more versatile, I think.

    By Anonymous Becky, at Tuesday, 22 August, 2006  
  • I would say they're capris and they look great! I like how they turned out. Hmm, I liked the SLLS socks, but they seem more a pain than anything. I know a girl here that also made them and it was just too tight around the leg and she had to rip them out too.

    By Blogger Wanda, at Wednesday, 30 August, 2006  
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