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T and U are for ...

Monday, October 09, 2006
Needing to be energy-frugal at the moment I'm combining ABC Along entries.

T is for Towels:

Towels 2
Towels 1

Would knitters be able to survive without towels? They are (in my humble opinion) an essential piece of kit for blocking/drying of any item of knitwear. My personal best-find-ever-in-the-whole-of-today* was the blue microfibre towel. A fiver from Avon - how excellent was that?! My favourite towel (although it's only hand-towel sized) is the yellow one with the frog on it. I love frogs. I may have mentioned that.

U is for ...


The molecular structure of urea.

Urea (and the natural substance which contains it, urine) have been used in cloth production for hundreds of years. It was used to soften the fibres, and generally was thought best if stale. Yum!

*A very geeky bonus point if you can tell me where that quote is from.

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  • hmmmm lesseeee... ummmmm

    Farmer's Almanac? Encyclopeadia Britannica? MacGyver? Data?

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Monday, 09 October, 2006  
  • Ohh, I just saw Tony Robinson doing The Worst Jobs in History and he was felting woollen fabric in his crew's stale urine!! It made me go 'perk' just even watching!!!!
    OK, you are just a Ford Prefect, you and your towel!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Tuesday, 10 October, 2006  
  • Ha, I was also going to mention that Worst Jobs show. Yuck.

    By Blogger Amy, at Monday, 16 October, 2006  
  • Oddly enough, I was just looking a medicinal product that contains urea and I thought it urine came from it or was a by-product of it. Good to know!

    By Blogger Wanda, at Sunday, 22 October, 2006  
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