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Secret knitting? Pah!

Saturday, April 29, 2006
I hate having secret knitting, so I've decided to partly "un-secret" it.

Blurry, out of focus, and un-true colour - really worth it!

I'm knitting "Sugar Almond" up in the yarn that I won from Lou. Right yarn, right time and, I hope, right pattern.

I've decided that when I finish this/these that I'll send the pattern to Kerrie (who is too sweet, nice and lovely for words, by the way. More on that later). If it's a no-go at Magknits, I'll put it up here anyway.

I'd love to submit something to knitty, but I'd feel like I was punching above my weight (tough for someone of my size but, ya know!)

Dear Spammers:

Why, oh why, would I open an email entitled "flustered antitrust"? Firstly, no-one I communicate with uses all lower case in their email subject lines (I have good email friends!). Secondly, all the email I request has filters in Thunderbird. Thirdly, if I do read your email and discover that it's for share trading, do you really think that I'll hand over my cash to you?

Comment: must try harder. F.


It's called Iris and it's a waistcoat (US = vest?) with a lace and cable pattern along the bottom. It could do with being about 10 cm longer, but other than that, I approve!

Like I need something else to do:

I really like Marnie's cami pattern "Deciduous". I feel like I should buy it for the sole reason that I was one of the people who said "You have to write this up. And can you make one with a high back?"

A story that made me laugh:

Keith Richards (erstwhile guitarist from the rolling Stones) fell out of a tree. That's not what made me laugh. It was the phrase "He suffered mild concussion". HOW CAN YOU TELL? He looks mildly concussed anyway. What was the clue? Did he start making sense? Did he stop slurring his words?

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  • What was he doing up in a tree? I guess he wasn't high enough on weed so he had to try tree. he heeee

    cool unsecret project! =)*) I'm in the mood for pink....

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Sunday, 30 April, 2006  
  • Yes, the rolling down the tree Stone that gathers no moss has been in the news here too!!! What are they thinking??
    Love the 'secret' knitting, it looks like lovely leaves that make a bordery hem?? Very nice!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Monday, 01 May, 2006  
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