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The ABC Along 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006
A was for Amy
B was for Boob Cake
C was for Cader Idris/Cregennan
D was for Dinosaur
E was for Epstein-Barr
F was for Faux-suede boots
G was for Greenhouse
H was for Holly and Hedera
I was for Icons and Ice
J was for Journals
K was for Knitting!
L was for Lorna's Laces Lotus Blossom
M was for Malta
N was for Northumberland
O was for Orange
P was for Pennines
Q was for Quill
R was for Rose
S was for Statistics and science
T was for Towels
U was for Urea
V was for Valetta
W was for Writing
X was for X-ray
Y was for Yarn
Z was for Zygote

This was fun! Thanks to Anne for hosting this ABC Along. See you in the new year!
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  • I guess I missed the Z, somehow, I was a little bit.... uh like, ZYGOTE?! what is she saying? lol but now I've read it, I get it. (thought you may be telling us something for a second! LOL)

    That's a lot of posts, aren't you glad you don't speak Chineese Not sure about the alphabet/character connection for that language, but it might drag on a bit. lol

    By Blogger Aprilynne, at Thursday, 28 December, 2006  
  • It's a big commitment, the whole alphabet!! Did you finish all the things from 'A'? Mmmm Sherbet!!!
    Yes, I was doing pink things, not for me, but for MrsDrWho's niece: The Daughter and Heir(DAH)There is purportedly going to eb another Project Spectrum. NOT for me!!!!

    By Anonymous 2paw, at Thursday, 28 December, 2006  
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